QUAKERS Q&A WITH Courtney Lackey of the Softball Team

Courtney Lackey '18
Courtney Lackey '18







AD: What was it like having your dad as a coach?

CL: He was one of my coaches since I started playing, so was my coach for 17 years. He never treated me like his daughter as coach. When he's my dad, he's hard on me. He never showed favoritism. He assisted with calling pitches, so we bounced ideas off of each other, but overall I really enjoyed the experience.

AD: What was the difference between this year's team and those of your previous three seasons?

CL: The chemistry was better and the team dynamics were better. We all got along and joked around, but could be serious at the same time. Prior years had cliques, but this year's team was more together. Although we weren't as successful on the field, the team's dynamics were good and made me enjoy the season.

AD: What's your favorite Guilford softball memory? 

CL: Beating Virginia Wesleyan in the first round of the ODAC Tournament. Throughout my four years, one of the goals I had was for us to beat them.

AD: If you could magically have a conversation with your freshman self, what would you tell her?

CL: I would tell myself to enjoy myself both on and off the fields. I hold to high standards and when I don't reach my goals, I'm disappointed. I would just enjoy the time and have fun. It goes by way faster than you think, so I would tell myself to just enjoy the ride.

AD: What was the hardest part about being a double major and a student-athlete? 

CL: I would say time management was the hardest part; not as much during this semester because I have taken a smaller course load, but previous semesters were hard to get work done, do things to get ready for the season and maintain the time to keep training during the season.

AD: What are your plans for after Guilford?

CL: I've been accepted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Wingate University starting in January. It is a three-year program. I ultimately want to do something with sports hopefully, athletic training or physical therapy.


- Alex De Lia '18